Throat Chakra Piercing • Sodalite


Throat Chakra made from Sodalite on an internally threaded high polished titanium bar.

Product details:

  • F-136 Titanium
  • 1.6mm x 12mm
  • Suitable for initial piercing
  • Navel, Belly Piercings

Sodalite opens The throat chakra which plays an essential role in communication, creativity, and self-expression. When there’s an imbalance in this chakra, you may notice you have a harder time communicating effectively.

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Enhance Your Style with our Throat Chakra Navel/Belly Piercing

Discover the perfect blend of style and spiritual connection with our Throat Chakra Piercing made from Sodalite and ideal for Navel/Belly Piercings. Crafted with precision and elegance, this stunning piece of body jewelry is designed to enhance your style and embrace the power of the Throat Chakra.

Sodalite, a beautiful blue crystal, is known for its captivating hues and remarkable energy. It is believed to stimulate self-expression, creativity, and clarity of thought. With our Sodalite Navel/Belly Piercing, you can showcase your unique personality and inner strength while making a bold fashion statement.

Impeccable Quality and Comfort

We understand the importance of both aesthetics and comfort when it comes to body jewelry. Our Throat Chakra Piercing is crafted with high-quality F-136 Titanium, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty. The internally threaded high polished titanium bar guarantees a secure fit while minimizing any discomfort during the healing process.

Whether you’re a piercing enthusiast or new to body jewelry, our Throat Chakra Navel/Belly Piercing is suitable for initial piercing. It’s designed with care to provide a comfortable experience while adding a touch of elegance to your look.


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