14k Gold Gem Tiara • Bella Andrea


Solid 14k Gold 5 Gem Tiara with 5 AAA CZ crystals, fits Flatback internally threaded titanium 1.2 bar or 1.2 14k gold flat back internally threaded bar.

  • Yellow 14k Solid Gold
  • 8mm x 5mm head fits 1.2 Internal thread Bar
  • Suitable for initial piercing
  • Upper Cartlidge, Conch and Flat

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Grace your look with the opulent charm of the Solid 14k Gold Five Gem Tiara, adorned with 5 dazzling AAA CZ crystals, a regal masterpiece by Bella Andrea. This tiara exudes an aura of royalty and sophistication, perfect for elevating your style on any occasion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each of the 5 AAA CZ crystals is delicately set within the 14k gold tiara, creating a captivating display of brilliance and radiance. The lustrous gold setting adds a touch of luxury, making this tiara a truly captivating accessory.

Designed for both comfort and versatility, the tiara effortlessly fits with either a Flatback internally threaded titanium 1.2 bar or a 1.2 14k gold flat back internally threaded bar. Experience a secure and customized fit, allowing you to wear it with ease and confidence.

As part of Bella Andrea’s commitment to excellence, this tiara is crafted from solid 14k gold, ensuring enduring quality and timeless elegance. The hypoallergenic properties of gold make it a safe and comfortable choice for all skin types.

Embrace the regal allure of the 14k Solid Gold Five Gem Tiara, a symbol of grace and majesty that will adorn you like a crown. Whether it’s a grand celebration or a moment to feel like royalty, this tiara will enhance your presence and add a touch of magic to your ensemble, making you shine like the true gem you are.

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